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Current Enhanced 9-1-1 (E9-1-1) systems use a large database of telephone numbers and address records. Emergency Service Professionals call these Automatic Location Information (ALI) records. There is one ALI record for every telephone number in any E9-1-1 county. Telephone companies create ALI records for counties throughout the United States. The information contained in the ALI records comes from telephone company service orders. These records are not always accurate. Currently, residents cannot view, test, or confirm the accuracy of their individual E9-1-1 ALI record until they dial E9-1-1 for an emergency. Most people agree, this is not the time to find out your information is incorrect and 9-1-1 FAILS!

Exact 9-1-1 allows residents access to their individual E9-1-1 ALI record on a county by county basis, via a secure Internet connection, and permits the resident to validate, offer corrections, and enter or delete pertinent timely information anytime.

With Exact 9-1-1 For Residents, Jane Doe at 100 Main Street, Anytown, USA, can view her E9-1-1 ALI records over a secure Internet connection as often as she desires. If she discovers any errors in the existing information, Exact 9-1-1 will help direct her through entering correct address information. She will also be able to enter timely or pertinent information, i.e., "elderly grandfather, bedroom 1st floor NW corner, wheelchair bound". This information can provide further assist to Emergency Service personnel when dispatched to this address. Residents can view, change, and delete their pertinent information whenever they desire.

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