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Jonathan Doe, National Account Representative for Acme Corporation, practically lives in his plush Acme District Headquarters fifth floor office. Tethered to his telephone, he dedicatedly looks down at the other Acme buildings strewn throughout Commerce Park as his coworkers scurry home. A therapeutic view of an explosive sunset makes working late almost tolerable all the while stress and fatigue continually takes its toll.

On the way back from refilling his cup, John mutters, "It's so late and still so much to do!" Crumbling under the pressure of perfecting tomorrow's sales presentation John snaps at his secretary, "Melissa, please hold my calls!" as he abruptly slams his office door. An excruciating pain slams John's chest just as suddenly! Stumbling towards his desk writhing in pain, John dials 9-1-1 just before collapsing!

Acme's five buildings and over a thousand telephones are scattered throughout Commerce Park. Regarding 9-1-1, Acme's telephones work just like most businesses throughout the country. A person dialing 9-1-1 from any of their buildings displays the main Acme Corporate building address on the 9-1-1 Center's computer. Even though his office is in the District Headquarters building at the other end of the park, John's 9-1-1 call looks like it's coming from Corporate.

The answering 9-1-1 Communications Officer, hearing music playing softly in the background, sends help to 5000 Acme Drive (the Acme Corporate building address appearing on the 9-1-1 computer)! The unknowing receptionist is unable to help the responding emergency squads find the person calling 9-1-1. If only they knew that John needs 9-1-1 help only one building, five floors, and a closed door away! Luckily, John is still clenching the telephone connected to the 9-1-1 Center as Melissa walks in to say good night!

Could you be the next John Doe, in your office or hotel room, on the fifth floor, with the door closed, needing 9-1-1 help, and unable to speak or not knowing the address?


Compare the two different diagrams below. In the story, John's 9-1-1 call displays the address of the Acme corporate office building (Bldg 1) located at 5000 Acme Drive. Without Exact 9-1-1, anyone dialing 9-1-1 from an Acme telephone in any of the five buildings will display this address. No one knows John needs 9-1-1 help on the fifth floor of the Acme District Headquarters building (Bldg 2) at 123 Executive Parkway.

Exact 9-1-1 For Business gives Acme access to a secure Internet service allowing them to create detailed 9-1-1 location records for every telephone anytime day or night. With Exact 9-1-1 For Business, anyone calling 9-1-1 from an Acme telephone in any of the five buildings will display the individual telephone user's name, location, directions, and important emergency information regarding this specific telephone number.

Lives depend on 9-1-1 Emergency Services arriving on the scene as quickly as possible. All too often, 9-1-1 does not know where to go! Exact 9-1-1 For Business lets your 9-1-1 Center know the exact location of any emergency within your business!

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